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Spotlight Series: Meet Sharna’ Hines

"Sharna’s background on the insurance broker side has offered huge insights for our team since day one", says teammate Lindsey Fisher. "Her tenacity and desire to learn, refine, and implement processes at Joyn will take our Service Team far."

Sharna’ Hines is Joyn’s newest Service Specialist, playing a crucial role in ensuring a seamless experience for Joyn’s brokers and underwriting partners. She brings a unique insight to her work at Joyn, having previously worked on the brokerage side. That makes Sharna’ well-suited to provide insight and context to Joyn as the company continues its rapid growth.

For nearly a decade, Sharna’ Hines has has held a variety of roles in the insurance industry, including brokerage, client services, and operating her own independent life insurance agency. Most recently, she was an Associate Broker at AmWINS working on new and renewal E&S accounts.

Sharna’ earned her Master of Business Administration at Roosevelt University and her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Illinois State University. She is a licensed Property & Casualty Producer in Illinois.

Read on to learn more about what Sharna’ brings to the company and how she sees Joyn fitting into the larger insurance landscape.

How will your background on the brokerage side play a role in your day to day work, now that you’re on the insurance side?

My background in brokerage is just going to provide the Joyn team with a better, firsthand, and more robust insight into what brokers need, what they expect, and how to better serve them. Having spent a few weeks at the company now, I can say that what Joyn has built and what Joyn offers were absolutely developed with brokers in mind. Joyn’s technology addresses the things that always tend to frustrate brokers about the experience and the process. That is so incredibly refreshing. I hope that my insight can now help Joyn continue to expand and refine their technology, particularly with the creation of processes, documents, and systems. Having the ability to understand what brokers are looking for when they send submissions, submit bind orders, etc. is truly invaluable in my opinion.

What excites you about Joyn and what made you decide to switch to the insurance side of the industry?

Three main things attracted me to Joyn. First, I admire the company’s boldness and courage—it takes a real sense of fearlessness and determination to launch a new company in the middle of the pandemic and I want to be a part of that story. Second, I have heard so much about the culture here and thus far, it has lived up to the hype. And third, I was attracted to Joyn because of the opportunities to grow alongside the company and assume leadership roles as they unfold. It is thrilling to play a role in developing the systems that are going to make Joyn an insurance leader by setting a high bar for what brokers and customers expect.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I really enjoy cooking and traveling. I have a slight obsession with spicy foods, so coming up with new recipes and trying new foods is one of the things that I enjoy the most.


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