So insurance is an accidental career for most of you? Well, have we got a story about that! On this recording, you’ll giggle at how insuretech executive Seraina Macia originally found her way to Swiss Re and a successful insurance career. Later, during the pandemic, she founded Joyn Insurance as an MGA. Joyn targets the low end of the middle market or high end of the small market — Seraina calls it “the smiddle.” She aims to transform the insurance process. “The industry is so fraught with legacy thinking and legacy systems. It’s so cumbersome and archaic with how we work in the industry. You are almost better off building something from the outside,” she says. “If you were going to build a home today, you aren’t going to build a castle and add on parts. You’re going to build a smart home from the ground up… Something modern that functions in its entirely — not a patchwork built in the old archaic way.” Seraina is an engaging “On Point” guest and you’ll enjoy her storytelling.
Joyn's solution is "Spark," a platform joining top-tier insurance technologies through API integration into a proprietary workflow tool crafted in-house. Through Spark, Joyn achieved a holistic, unified experience for its underwriting and operations teams, automating an expansive range of processes from data capture to policy lifecycle management.
Key Takeaways: 1) Joyn Insurance is one of the trendsetting startups that are revolutionising commercial insurance; 2) They leverage technology, data science, and industry expertise to transform the insurance experience for small and medium enterprises (SMEs); and 3) With a focus on transparency, trust, and a unique customer experience, the firm is setting a new standard in the industry.
Insurtech Joyn Insurance has announced the appointment of Adam Berger to Chief Underwriting Officer, effective immediately.
Joyn Insurance's partnership with Commit allowed the company to launch its platform amidst a downturn of insurtech investments.
“I’ve argued for many years that the insurance industry is ripe for transformation and the team that Joyn has assembled is changing the game for insurance in ways that are long overdue,” said Brian Duperreault. “Seraina Macia is one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking leaders in insurance today and the product that her team has created will be the future of this industry. I am honored to be able to play a part in Joyn’s future.”
Rapidly growing SME and E&S insurtech Joyn has added industry legend and former AIG and Marsh McLennan CEO Brian Duperreault to its board of directors, the latest prominent move by the MGA following the appointment of Jim Hackbarth as its first independent director earlier this month, The Insurer can reveal.
The chief executive of E&S-focused insurtech MGA Joyn told The Insurer that after securing her firm’s nearly $18mn Series A funding round earlier this month the company plans to rapidly scale in the year ahead, including raising headcount and executing on ambitious growth targets.
“One of the trends that we’re pushing is that we’re saying, ‘We have a different operating model, and we won’t need as many people because we can leverage the technology…'” [Seraina Macia] said. “And hopefully you’ll see other industry participants pushing the lever of true automation and integration so that we, as an industry, can kind of raise the bar on ourselves and reduce the costs.”