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Joyn’s sweet spot focuses on accounts that have been pushed to the E&S market

Wondering what part of the market Joyn is targeting and having success? We're operating in the small and lower end of middle markets, focused on E&S risks that are pushed just over the edge of what the admitted market is writing.

Joyn is providing an admitted experience to risks that are in the E&S marketplace for the Real Estate, Manufacturing, Services, Wholesale, Retail and Contractors industry verticals.

After a long period where the insurance market was soft, capacity was readily available and underwriting was relatively relaxed as carriers angled for market share, the market has hardened substantially in recent years. With that tightening in capacity, many accounts that might previously have been written in the admitted market are being pushed into the E&S market. These types of accounts fall perfectly into Joyn’s sweet spot.

Today, it doesn’t take much for accounts to be pushed to the E&S market. It might be something as simple as frame construction, an older building, a more challenging crime zone or an unfortunate claim. And when they arrive in the E&S space they often face a broad brush approach by carriers – both in increased pricing and across-the-board use of exclusions – whether the individual account deserves it or not.

Whatever the reason, these customers can find what they’re looking for with Joyn. For many of these accounts, Joyn’s technology, platform, products and team are the ideal fit providing the coverage they need with the individualized underwriting attention that they expect and deserve.

Brokers are excited about our ability to provide a more commercially friendly solution before entering the wholesale markets. They are excited about the ease of doing business that we provide. And they are excited about the technology that we have created and the advantages that our technology brings.

Joyn provides a best-in-class insurance experience that solves problems and tackles inefficiencies, removing pain points and delivering services in a more collaborative, intuitive, and efficient way. With Joyn you get:

  • Broad appetite
  • Competitive coverage
  • Competitive pricing
  • Competitive commissions
  • Selective use of exclusions only where needed
  • Coverage based on individual risk characteristics
  • Underwriting flexibility


As the market continues to harden, terms and capacity are continuing to be restrictive, rates and premiums are on the rise, appetites are limited and fewer markets are available. But just because the market may be challenging doesn’t mean customers should settle for subpar solutions. At Joyn, we are proving that they don’t have to.

When we join up, we’re smarter, better, faster and protected. Together. Join us!


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