Joyn’s E&S offering goes beyond the expected in key industries

Sometimes the small accounts don’t get the right focus -- Joyn was built specifically to give them the attention they deserve.

Joyn’s E&S product offering has been specifically designed to provide the coverages needed with a broad appetite in the real estate, manufacturing, wholesale, contractors, retail, and services industries.

Joyn’s capacity and expertise is focused on six major industries: real estate, manufacturing, wholesale, contractors, retail, and services. These sectors make up the vast majority of the small to low end middle market space and usually make up the bulk of many brokers’ books of business.

Joyn’s E&S product offering has been specifically designed to provide the coverages needed with a broad appetite in these industries. Unlike more traditional channels which often take across-the-board positions, Joyn looks at each account individually and tailors pricing and coverage accordingly, giving brokers the solutions they need to write more business with a trusted and transparent partner.

The small accounts that fall into these industries in the E&S market don’t usually get the attention they deserve. They are often too large or complex for admitted straight through systems but at the same time too small to warrant the time of underwriters who often have their sights set on bigger business. And when they are reviewed, they are often subject to terms that don’t make sense for smaller accounts: limited coverage, blanket exclusions, and broad-brush pricing including higher deductibles and minimum premiums more consistent with larger accounts.

Joyn was built for these small accounts. We solve problems and tackle inefficiencies from the ground up, removing pain points and delivering services via a more collaborative, intuitive, and efficient process. Our underwriters are empowered to work with you directly to make decisions and provide options quickly. This, in turn, allows us to provide these smaller accounts that get left with better experiences and the level of service they deserve.

Our company was built on the premise that when we join up, we’re smarter, better, faster, and protected. Together. Learn more about our specific appetite by industry vertical by downloading our Product Guide, available at Insurance Solutions and join us!


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