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Spotlight Series: Meet Lindsey Fisher

"Working with Lindsey is awesome," says teammate Pete Flanagan. "She is very detail-oriented, and she is always searching for a better way to serve our partners and insureds."

Lindsey is passionate about challenging the ways things have always been done and solving for better ways to automate and improve. She has enjoyed helping build and monitor processes, policy servicing, and solving for better ways of working.

Lindsey Fisher comes to Joyn as a Service Specialist after spending many years in the commercial insurance space.

Lindsey holds Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Kansas and an Associate in Risk Management designation. Before coming to the Joyn team, Lindsey worked with Blackboard Insurance as a Mission Control Advocate where she helped build and monitor the submission, endorsement, and post bind data reporting processes, performed system UAT, and supported underwriting. She also spent time with AIG as an Operations Analyst and a Technical Underwriter, setting her up for great success as she helps Joyn improve the insurance customer experience.

Read on to learn more about what brought Lindsey to Joyn and her excitement about Joyn’s role in the commercial insurance industry.

What’s your role at Joyn?

At Joyn, my role is to deliver our one-of-a-kind experience to our customers and brokers. I ensure that our underwriters have everything they need at their fingertips, and I support them in building efficient processes and monitoring capabilities.

I have become passionate about the commercial insurance space after working across various teams in underwriting, claims, and operations over the past six years and getting to see all the potential the industry has to offer. Working most recently in operations, I have enjoyed helping build and monitor processes, policy servicing, and solving for better ways of working.

What attracted you to Joyn?

I was attracted to Joyn for many reasons including the talented and supportive group of people, the company’s vision and product, and the opportunity to work for a company with women in leadership positions. Those all made it an easy decision to join the team. The culture at Joyn is also unique—a cornerstone of the company is to question the status quo, and that permeates through everything that we do. Our employees and systems are very agile and it’s incredible how fast things move!

There is constant communication across the different teams, which brings all perspectives to the table to avoid any siloed ways of thinking. The technology is also great, from the equipment to the tools and applications, it makes it easy to work efficiently and collaborate with the team.

Overall, Joyn is making insurance exciting by approaching the industry with a fresh set of eyes, challenging the way that things have always been done, and solving problems that have always just been accepted as part of doing business. We are always asking how we can find ways to make things better and improve the customer experience.

Tell us about your passions and motivations outside of Joyn.

Outside of work I enjoy trying new recipes, biking, trail running, reading, and traveling— especially road trips!


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