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Spotlight Series: Meet John Young

"John immediately committed himself to understanding the ins and outs of Joyn’s data – bringing a fresh eye to the problems we are trying to solve", says teammate Caroline Ettinger. "His analysis has uncovered opportunities to increase the efficiency of our process and enabled us to set meaningful goals for how to improve so our product better serves our customers."

Joining the company as Senior Data Analyst in May, John Young has already made a splash with his skills in bringing data to life and adding value to our growing company. Read on to learn more about what John does, why he wanted to join our team, and what he’s cooking up next.

Spotlight: Meet John Young, Joyn’s Senior Data Analyst

As Joyn’s first dedicated data analyst, John Young will work with complex structured and unstructured data from all corners of the business to prepare repeatable analysis and reporting solutions. He’ll also become the in-house expert on Joyn’s dimensionally modelled data warehouse and will guide Joyn’s team to ensure they are capturing the right data at the right level of detail.

John spent the last five years at Tokio Marine North America Services, where he worked his way through the Actuarial Analyst Program. He also spent time on data design and development as well as information analytics reporting. We are truly excited to have him bring his experience in actuarial science, coupled with his coding skills, to the Joyn team. In the short time that he’s been with us, everyone has been impressed by his attention to detail and his excitement when it comes to problem solving.

John has his B.S. in Risk Management with an Actuarial Science specialty from The Pennsylvania State University, and is currently enrolled in the Applied Data Science Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Read on to learn more about what John does, why he wanted to join our team, and what he’s cooking up next.

What will you be responsible for?

So much of the value Joyn offers to brokers, trading partners, and customers is through data. A big part of how the company is changing the industry and providing a better insurance experience is by using third party data. That not only gives us a more complete picture of the risks and lets us be more transparent with customers, but it lets us process submissions and respond faster and more accurately. My job is to quantify all things data and use data to bring our objective to life.

What attracted you to Joyn?

I’m the type of person who can’t resist an opportunity to disrupt an industry and challenge the status quo, especially in an industry as established as insurance. For so long, people have been doing things the same way because nobody has really sat down with a blank slate, reimagined it, and pushed the limits of what is possible. Joyn is doing that and I am excited to be a part of it. In addition to being excited about the challenge, I could tell at every step of the interview process that the company has a real team of all-stars and a culture of innovation, continual learning, and fun. That is such a rare opportunity that you can’t pass by.

What do you enjoy when you aren’t working?

My mission for this year was to become a good cook. So far, my signature dishes include cast iron ribeye, braised chicken, and cacio e pepe. My next step is to earn the title of “saucier.”


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