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Spotlight Series: Meet Dalton Jorgensen

Fabiana Zambrano, a teammate, says, "Dalton is very empathetic and cares deeply about his team and his colleagues; he brings the highest level of collaboration to everything he touches. I am constantly impressed by his ability to handle all the complexities of our operations with such efficiency and aplomb." Read on to learn more.

A devout learner, avid traveler, and supply chain guru. Dalton is always the voice of optimism, and often shares his can-do attitude with the team. Read on to learn why we think he is a great asset our growing company.

Dalton Jorgensen is an innovative leader focused on building Joyn’s value chain from the ground up. With previous experience in operations and strategy development, Dalton is creating a technology-first mindset and raising the bar for commercial insurance as Joyn’s Service Lead.

Jorgensen holds a B.S. in Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship coupled with a two-year leadership and development program at AIG. He went on to gain critical management skills at Blackboard Insurance as he developed the Insurtech company’s team and processes from scratch and led a team of more than 30 on and offshore operations associates. He also mapped out, operationalized, and developed and managed KPIs for multiple core processes. On top of all that, he supported a national team of underwriters by rating hundreds of middle market commercial insurance submissions and assisting in supporting thousands of service tickets related to new business submissions, policy changes, and general customer service inquiries.

What’s your role at Joyn?

At Joyn, I’m leading our service team—both our internal team and external supporting vendor partners—by designing, implementing, and executing key processes across the insurance value chain. These areas include supporting the production of new business submissions, policy endorsements, and renewal business, as well as building out our billing, producer onboarding, customer service, and downstream reporting capabilities.

A large focus of mine is architecting our workflows at a granular level and mapping our capabilities against our business needs, ensuring everyone can see how each process is executed. In other words, what team owns each part of the process, what systems we use, how technology supports the step, and where hand-offs exist, among other things. If any gaps are identified, I work with our internal team and potential vendor partners to problem-solve and fill those gaps, ensuring a streamlined process from start to finish for all parties involved.

My background in Supply Chain Management and insurance operations has been instrumental in my effectiveness in this role. I look forward to continuing to identify areas where Joyn can exceed the expectations of our internal team and external customers while creating an efficient operation for the commercial insurance company of the future.

What attracted you to Joyn?

Seeing the enormous amount of pain points in this market space, and commercial insurance in general, I know that there is a huge need for a company like Joyn to come in and raise the bar for everyone along the insurance value chain. It’s no secret that there are a lot of ways small and middle market commercial insurance can improve from a product delivery and customer experience. But the vision that has been laid out is a necessary one and the entire Joyn team is committed to creating a better experience for our internal team members, broker partners, and policy holders. I know this team can create the next great insurance company built with a customer-obsessed, technology-first mindset.

The other thing that attracted me to Joyn is really the people. I know the team here and I know that this is a place where I will have an opportunity to learn and contribute every day. I know that when I come to work, I’ll be surrounded by very intelligent, collaborative, and passionate people who are committed to building a special company. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from this amazing group.

Tell us about your passions and motivations outside of Joyn.

I love to read and just learn about new things in general. I am a big sports person and will never pass up the chance to go to a sporting event (a basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse still tops the list) and feel the energy from a big crowd. I enjoy boating, biking, and spending time outdoors every chance I get.

I took my first trip by myself overseas to Turkey, Tanzania, and Ethiopia when I was 19 and have been hooked on traveling and seeing as much of the world as I can ever since. I love learning about the ways different people and cultures live and view the world. Every time I travel and step out of my comfort zone, I learn so much about myself and find ways to keep growing. I’m really passionate about always finding new ways to be a better leader, husband, friend, co-worker, etc., and have found ways of doing so through the places I have gone and people I have met along the way.


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