Partnerships drive growth

Joyn’s ecosystem: a driver for your growth

At Joyn, you won't experience the dreaded “black hole.” Our technology allows us to respond to every submission, every time. If we can’t write a policy, we’ll tell you right away so you have the time you need to find a home for the risk.

Our ecosystem puts you are the heart of our business. A better experience, faster service and transparent communication creates opportunities for your growth alongside ours.

One of Joyn’s key tenets as a company is that the brokers and agents we work with are our partners — we are passionate about being successful together. Because of that, we built an ecosystem that treats them as partners, creating opportunities for them and driving their growth alongside ours.

At the heart of this is our technology, which we engineered specifically to solve the problems that brokers have long loathed but had no choice other than to accept. Our tech-enabled platform removes pain points and delivers services more collaboratively, more efficiently, and more intuitively. That means more value and better experiences for brokers and their customers.

For example, one of the biggest frustrations we heard from brokers is the dreaded “submission black hole.” With many legacy carriers, it can be weeks before you hear back about whether a submission will be quoted or not. At Joyn, our technology allows us to respond to every submission within 48 hours — in other words, if we can’t write a policy, we’ll tell you right away. This allows producers to look better in front of their customers, close more deals, and grow their own books.

We also provide policies faster, more accurately, and on time, because we know your customers demand speed in the digital age. When you can get a policy faster, your customer notices the difference.

Our ecosystem includes several other features to drive growth:

  • Modern, robust, and extensible technology, built on state-of-the-art design principles.
  • An end-to-end digital workflow that is cloud-based and optimized for data science.
  • A data-centric “single source of truth in data” approach that enables advanced analytics for smarter underwriting.
  • The ability to use third-party data in automated underwriting rules and pricing.


When we join up, we’re smarter, better, faster, and protected. Together. Join us to see how we can drive your growth today.


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