Class spotlight: Gas stations and convenience stores

Reach out to learn more about Joyn's appetite for gas stations and convenience stores. Dive deeper by reading about a Texas-based gas station with an attached restaurant.

Senior Underwriter Dorian West shares her process for evaluating gas stations and convenience stores while also providing Joyn's appetite parameters. Read on to learn about a recent win for a Texas-based gas stations with attached restaurant.

Class codes associated with gas stations and convenience stores are a perfect fit for coverage through Joyn Insurance. In addition to general liability, excess, and property coverage that are Joyn’s core product offerings, Joyn also offers a number of special coverages that today’s gas station and convenience store operators need, including equipment breakdown coverage (available for convenience stores only), spoilage, employee benefits, and hired, non-owned auto with no delivery exposure.

While our target risk characteristics include well-managed franchised locations on properly equipped, well-maintained properties, experienced management, car washes, and staff training on cash handling and robbery protocols, Joyn’s team of experienced underwriters looks at the overall risk when making determination about whether to underwrite an account and when they prepare a quote.

“When I’m evaluating a submission for a gas station or convenience store, I look at property characteristics like how many pumps the location has, what they may be selling, whether there is a car wash, and if there is any on-site cooking happening on the premises,” said Dorian West, an Underwriter at Joyn who has underwritten multiple gas station and convenience store accounts. “I always want to evaluate the risk in its entirety so I know what class codes I need to tack on and what we are able to do.”

“Many of the exposures that are unique to these classes—like liquor liability, cooking, and car washes—are ones that we handle within our appetite and we really welcome them on our books,” West continued. “We work really hard to build custom policies for these types of businesses so we can offer them coverage when other carriers might rule them out.”

“We’re also open to quoting different risks for properties that might be a little older, but they’ve been well-maintained,” West said. “Many carriers will just look at the age of the building and pass on it, but our use of data and other things can give us a deeper understanding of the property and risk so we can be more open to putting it on our books.”

For gas stations and convenience stores, Joyn offers General Liability ($1M/$2M), Supported Excess (Up to $5M), Liquor Liability ($1M/$1M), Property (Up to $10M TIV per location and $25M per policy), in addition to several special coverages that can be added to a policy.

We built Joyn to remove the pain points that commercial trading partners experience all too frequently, providing a faster, more accurate, and more transparent insurance experience that saves time, costs, and frustration.

If you’re looking for a better insurance experience for your gas station or convenience store business, reach out to [email protected] to learn more.


Case Study: Texas-based gas station with attached restaurant seeking property and general liability coverage

Joyn recently provided coverage to a Texas-based gas station with an attached restaurant, who came to Joyn looking for both property and general liability coverage.

Because of the restaurant on the premises, Joyn was able to offer the standard property and general liability coverages they were seeking, while also making adjustments to the policy to offer more value through a more robust set of coverages. Through Joyn, they now have better business coverages, as well as equipment breakdown, liquor liability, and spoilage coverages.

We also were able to add assault and battery sub-limits because the property was smaller and in a very low-crime area.

“With some of these older properties, other carriers may turn them away and not want to quote them,” said Dorian West, an Underwriter at Joyn who underwrote the account. “We are very open to those risks and have found that this class is really within Joyn’s sweet spot.”

“We are very customer service oriented, and one of our goals is to make sure that every quote is tailored to the unique needs of each customer,” West continued. “We are going to make sure that the proper coverages and enhancements are in place so the insured can sleep well at night knowing that their property and investment is protected.”

“With this particular gas station, we did exactly that,” West said.


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